The Ekman Spiral - song

Литературное творчество с океанологическим уклоном. Интересные истории из экспедиций, с конференций и не только :)

Модератор: Magik

The Ekman Spiral - song

Сообщение Magik » Сб дек 06, 2008 1:09 pm

Fritjof Nansen (-sad in soul,
far from home, though near the pole!-):
"Cheerless life on Fram! Damn'd ship!"
Fritjof Nansen took a nip.

Bawling song ' gainst nice blue sky's
short: He doubts his ice-blue eyes!:
"Ice-drift's crazy! -'cross the air's!"
Fritjof bottomed by his chairs!

Ekman said: "That's not that odd!
I - as all I know - may nod:
With a cognac right you feel:
Ol' mam Earth's a whirling wheel!

Life's but more than Eau de Vie's:
Spirit of the Science sees
formulae that quantify!
- Let but people wonder why!-"

Straight they bottomed up for fight!
Straight their brains worked pretty bright!
Theory! Oh! - in a while
Ekman spiralled - with the smile!

Coriolis force I think:
All can feel it when they drink.
Cheers ol' Ekman! Cheers ol' ship!
Cheers ol' Fritjof with your nip!

Источник - Анна Силякова :)
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The Ekman Spiral song

Сообщение Beliberdiev » Чт дек 24, 2015 11:53 am

No idea what she is saying but the song is wonderful. :3
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